Nursery Worker Resume – Free Minimalist CV Layouts

For those who graduated in Nursing, you can freely download this nursery worker resume. Let’s look at the detail of this cv.

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Different cv for different types of jobs

As in some of the previous interesting cv examples, that there are different types of CVs (resumes) depending on the type of job you are applying for.

There are types of creative CV examples for those who apply for jobs in creative fields such as advertising media, graphic design, web design, etc.

Basic info on a cv

Apart from the various types of cv examples for job applications, again, the contents of a CV are basically the same consisting of personal biodata, qualifications (skills / expertise), certificates / training or other awards, work experience and education that has been taken.

A minimalist cv layout

In this downloadable example of nursery worker resume, the CV layout is very simple by highlighting qualifications, certificates and education. This cv is for you who are applying for a job as a nurse in a hospital or clinic.

Nursery cv layout display

The look of nursery worker resume;

nursery worker resume cv

CV in details

This cv consists of main info & qualifications;

1# Personal Details

Your personal bio is briefly filled in at the top of your CV, which consists of:

  • Name
  • Full address (domicile)
  • Phone / cellphone number that can be contacted and
  • Valid email (active)

Use of the data above to make it easier to contact the applicant if there is further information such as psychological testing, user interviews, etc.

2# Summary

Your superiority is related to the position you are applying for as a nurse. Excellence in a person is often referred to as soft skills. You can write as a first impression for your cv reader in this case the recruitment team in a company where you are applying.

3# Qualification

The qualifications or expertise you have and offer to the company you are applying for are related to your position as a nurse. Mention in detail with the points in your cv.

4# Certificate / Training

The certificate is a supporting document and can also be an added value for an applicant in applying for a position in an agency / company / hospital. This certificate can be in the form of training related to the field being applied for.

Enter all the certificates that you have either from campus / university or from other institutions that have held a training.

5# Work Experience

Work experience that you have had before you can include in your cv.

6# Educational Background

Education that you have completed or are completing can be included in your CV.

Get this cv for free

You can now download this nursery worker resume (cv). The format provided is .doc;

Download nursery cv

Note: all contents in cv are just illustrations.

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