Neat Minimalist Resume Template – Free Resume Layout

You can see the type of resume for work as a nurse in the Nursery Worker Resume post. Now you can also download the Neat Minimalist Resume Template.

Blank cv format

This type of cv is a blank cv format in .doc format that you can make as a cv in applying for a job. Neat & minimalist!

CV in detail

The overview of data in the minimalist CV as follows:

Personal bio

The biodata in a cv consists of:

  • Full name (fill on the top position with capital letters followed by your position (expertise in certain fields)
  • Phone number (cellphone)
  • E-mail
  • Social media
  • The website
  • Address


A little description about you and the expertise you offer to the company you are applying for is a first impression for the reader about the field you are good at.


Levels of education that have been completed such as diploma, undergraduate, postgraduate or professional education.

Work experience

Work experience is very important in a CV because it is an added value for applicants to become candidates who will be considered when applying for a job.

Like a parable saying “experience is the best teacher” meaning experience is the most valuable teacher. Through your work experience, a company is ready to hire someone without having to give much “training” to that person.


The expertise here consists of 2 (two) types, namely:

Soft skills

An ability, skill (talent) that you have in the world of work such as experts in negotiations or experts in communication, character (personality) persuasive or have the nature of motivating others.

Technical skills

Expertise in technical fields such as experts in the field of programming or experts in the field of making applications (app developers), experts in the field of software (Adobe Photoshop, C ++, InDesign, etc.)

Display of Neat Minimalist Resume

The look of the cv as picture below;

Neat Minimalist Resume Template - Free Resume Layout

Ready to download

100% free to download the neat minimalist resume through the following link;

Download the resume

See you on the next free cv layouts!

Note: all data on the cv are the examples only
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