Important Attitudes in Building Quality Time

Covid-19 “quarantine” moment is the right moment to create quality time with family. With this relationship each family member can be more sticky. Here are some important attitudes in building Quality Time.

Creating quality time is not as easy as we think. To avoid these failures, it’s a good idea to try the advice of Reynitta Poerwito, Bach of Psych., M.Psi., Psychologist at the Roompi conference at Orami Parenting.

Avoid playing too much gadget

Pay full attention to your beloved children at that time. Let them know that you are truly interested in their world. Use your gadget at another time.

Looking for activities that can be done together

You can chat, ask about their lives, follow the game, read books together, cook, watch and much more. Do interesting activities with them that can bring a smile and laughter.

Don’t force the child

If children feel that they don’t like quality time, they don’t have to be forced today, they can try again tomorrow and so on. Forcing a child can make the essence of quality time itself disappear. Avoid tense moments like this.

Don’t give up when there is conflict

If there is a conflict, do not give up, the conflict can be a good sign if resolved thoroughly. With conflict, relationships between family members rise to a higher level.

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