Fresh Graduate Resume Format – Minimalist CV Layouts

Have you just graduated from a college (University)? You can get an example of this fresh graduate resume format. Use this creative resume / curriculum vitae when applying for a good job at government agencies or other private companies.

What are the basic information in a cv

Basically, all cvs, both experienced cvs and examples of fresh graduate cv, are almost identical. Information on a CV is called work experience. Work experience here can also be found in fresh graduate cv. Maybe when you went to college you worked part time and you could include that experience in your CV.

In addition to work experience in the business field, it can also include experience in the organizational field but this point is more appropriate when filled in the organization section in an example cv. Layout or fresh graduate CV design itself is very simple but still informative.

In this session, I will provide you a fresh graduate resume that you can download in word format (.doc) and you are ready to use it as a cv in applying for a job.

The cv display

The following is a brief look at fresh graduate resume / CV template.

fresh graduate resume display

You can remove the background in each cv sample field above. You can replace the blank cv format for example fresh graduate cv in accordance with your biodata and qualifications.

Details info on cv

Here are the details information on the cv sample above;


Personal details consisting of your name, telephone number, email, address, nationality and date of birth. Personal details are located at the top of the format center.


You can fill out a list of formal education in this section.


Awards or certificates that you have won during your education or also awards from outside the campus.


Conferences or seminars that you have attended or also involved in may be committee, executive or member of the conference. Write all the titles at the conference or seminar in this section on your CV.


Good work experience when you are in college while working or on the job training you can write in the sample section of this fresh graduate resume.


Services that you have ever done outside or on campus.


Academic papers or writings that you have written can be included in this section.


The overseas school scholarship offer that you received and completed can be filled out in the sample section for this fresh graduate cv.


Types of languages that you use and have language proficiency in them.


References or those who recommend you apply to the section that you are applying for can be written here.

You can still add the points in the example of fresh graduate resume with information that supports your skills related to the position you are applying for.

Get the cv for free

Alright then, here is the download link for the cv above where you can download for free;

Download fresh graduate cv

Note: All data in the fresh graduate cv sample above is fictitious and only as an example.

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