Creative Resume (CV), a Timeline CV Layout

There are many different types of CVs / resumes that you can download both premium (paid) & also free CV. This time, you can get a free creative resume (CV), I call it a Timeline CV Layout.

There are also several websites that provide online cv called a cv maker or cv builder.

A free creative CV for you

On this occasion, I will create a creative and elegant cv sample template in the .doc format in stages which you can later download free of charge and you just need to replace the information according to your biodata information.

The creative cv format here will be made in the form of .doc so it is easier to replace the text in it.

What is a creative cv

So, what is really a creative CV? In an explanation from the University of Kent website, a creative CV is intended for those who apply for a creative field company such as advertising, media, multimedia and graphic design.

A creative CV will attract the attention of the company that hires the person because the creative CV model is representing the talents or talents of someone with the position being applied for and an expert in the proposed field.

Basic information in a creative cv

Creative CV is only from the form or model of the CV design itself without reducing general content such as personal biodata, work experience, expertise in certain fields (more specific), the person’s personality and formal and non-formal education that has been completed by the applicant.

The references and list of creative CVs below can also be explored on a website to find examples of other creative CVs.

What does a creative CV design look like?

The design of the creative cv is a timeline layout

Information inside the cv

Not much different from other CV contents, creative CV consists of the following data;

Career goal

Your main goal in building a career in a company that you are applying for.

Personal data

Your personal biographical data can be included in your creative CV such as name, date of birth, phone number and marital status.

Work experience

Work experience that you have gone through or work experience in the previous company can be included in the creative CV.


Education completed.


Information on the language that you are mastering such as English, Japanese, Spanish, etc.


A brief information of your personality.


Your expertise in a particular field that you master and in accordance with the field that you are applying for.

Interests / Hobbies

Your hobbies can be written here.

The display of creative CV layout (image)

Following is the layout for the timeline creative CV:

Free creative resume

All data in this creative CV template can be replaced according to information about you.

Download the creative CV layout

Get this free creative resume (cv) by downloading for below through the link below;

Download the resume layout

Note: The name and contents in the creative cv layout above are fictitious and are only for example.

Photograph © (featured), (picture on cv)

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